Did you know that Durham, North Carolina motorists have a proven transmission repair solution that they can trust?

Does your car drive a little off?  Shift hard or not all? When you put your foot on the gas does it feel like your car just doesn’t have the power it used to have?  Have you notices that your fuel mileage has decreased?

All these can be signs that your transmission may be having issues. Let the experts at Cottman transmission give you the peace of mind in knowing your transmission is working 100% correctly. They can diagnose, repair, or even replace your tired and worn-out transmission and get you back on the road quickly.

A transmission is an extraordinarily complex part of your vehicle.  Your transmission allows the power from your engine to go to your tires.  When a transmission slips the power is not efficiently going to the wheels and can drastically decrease gas mileage, cause excessive wear on your engine, and potentially cause a life-threatening situation for you and your family.

Driving on bad transmission can not only hurt your car it can also be extremely dangerous.  A transmission that fails to shift can not only leave you stranded if it fails while on the highway or crossing a busy intersection it can potentially put your life in danger.  The risk is definitely not worth it.  With a simple visit to your Cottman transmission repair shop, one of their experts can help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Cottman transmission repair shop has been proudly serving the residents of Durham, North Carolina for many years.

With a stellar warranty, plus over 190, 5-star ratings on Google, Cottman Transmission is a proven name you can trust with your transmission repair.

Cottman transmission offers a state-of-the-art repair shop with the latest cutting-edge tools to ensure your repair is done correctly the first time.  The professionals at Cottman Transmission of Durham are transmission experts and will help ensure that customers have all the information and answers they require to make the right choices.

Motorists and vehicle enthusiasts in Durham, NC have a transmission repair shop they can count on.  Cottman’s experts are here to help get you back on the road safely and as fast as possible.  They offer a full warranty and stand behind every repair they make.  One phone call is all it takes to see how professional and courtesy they truly are.  If you are looking for a transmission repair shop in Durham, NC then look no further.

To book your transmission checkup today visit Cottman Transmission at (https://durhamtransmission.com), or call (919) 367-1214!  You will be glad you did!